Coding Test

Online Coding Test Platform

For Recruiters, HR Managers and Team Leaders

How it works:

  1. You send a test link to a candidate
  2. Once they finish a test, you get a report by email
  3. Bad result - no problem, you just saved your time by avoiding a live interview.
  4. Good result - now you have confidence that a live interview won't be a waste of time! It might be your next hire!
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Use programming tests to save time on interviews

We all know how hard it is to find software engineers with the right skills, but our service can save you time and money by testing their programming ability before interviews.

Start testing your candidates now by selecting the right coding test.

Coding test results

Custom branding

The coding tests can be customized to match your own design and branding.

You can use your company's domain and logo.

Applicants will think these programming tests are all yours!


Branded PDF reports

Are you recruitment firm? Make a great impression with your clients by sending them branded reports of your candidates!

The PDF format of the reports makes them easy to read, share and print.

Download Sample Report

Programming test report

Automate the testing process

Don't want to create a unique link for each candidate? No problem!

Create a bulk link, so the applicants can enter their contact information before they begin a test.

Place that link on your career page or a job posting.